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Games Room

Upstairs in the main building is the games room, with a table tennis table, poole table, soccer table and Ed’s Alley (a game where billiard balls are rolled down a carpeted lane - object is to be the first to knock all of opponents balls into a gully).


This is also a great small group workshop area or smaller conference room.


Activity Options

Ask for camping across the curriculum resource.

you can choose from any number of activities from relaxing to strenuous.

(activities requiring full staff supervision are marked S)

(activities marked with an * are at an extra cost)


For those with a taste for adventure and skill. There is so much to do:

v Archery Attack * S

v Archery * S

v Flying Fox * S

v Waterslide * (not operational in cold conditions)

v Initiative Team skills *

v Photo Search and Scavenger hunts *

v Try our photo search. How many locations can you find? * S 

v Cook damper on the campfire * S

v Pioneer cooking * S

v Waterfall walk * 

v Beach volley ball *

This is just a taste of what you can do!


  Discover Bush: minimal impact!


Experience the Tasmanian bush in all its natural glory, hands on, as you walk along the adventure trail and explore the beautiful ferns and forests.

The trail ends with a tranquil waterfall where you can sit and eat your lunch while taking in the picturesque beauty of the surrounding forest and rock faces. The Barren Falls walk encourages campers to learn and reflect on the environment around them. Many pro-bush walkers take advantage of this trail.

For those more adventurous, a longer walk to Barren Rock can provide an enjoyable outing.

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